2015 in Review - BLM Retireees October Field Trip

BLM Retirees/PLF 2015 Tour This event is one of the highlights for the year.

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Perfect day, perfect place
This year was no exception with visits to Three Bears Campground in the Mollala Corridor and a discussion of the Mollala Corridor Recreation Management Plan.  
Three Bears Campground The next stop was Annie's Cabin Rimber Sale, Unit 8 where we learned the challenges and successful practices for this particular sale.
Before and After restoration discussions Party Rock in the Mollala River and challenges the BLM faces when an area overflows with visitors. Fantastic Columnar basalt formations provided an introduction to the revered Basalt Rosette site where future enhancements were discussed. We were very fortunate to have such informed staff to help us
We ate lunch at Aquila Vista and engaged in a discussion and update on agency activities and challenges, 2015 fire season, Resource Management Plan updates, and the ongoing district consolidation (Eugene-Salem). Fabulous Our last stop was the Proposed Hole-in-the-Road timber sale where developing management activities and proposed legisation were discussed. What a fabulous outing.
The Rosetta Special Thank You to...

Dick Prather and Scott Abdon, PLF
Bill Taylor, Mollala River Watch (www.molallariverwatch.org)
Kim Titus, Salem DM
David Howell, Salem Assoc. DM
Jeffrey McCusker, Salem Recreation Planner
Tim Lieske, Salem Forestry Lead
Mark Marshall, Recreation Manager
Bonnie Trefren, Cascades Contract Administrator
Alisa Tanner, Cascades Sale Planner
Heidi ,  Planner/botanist technician
 What a great classroom
What will the future bring? There is no guarantee that every photo is on the right page or that all of the names are spelled right or titles correct. (Sorry Heidi I've forgotten your new last name already!).
All photos by Kath Collier, except the basalt rosetta which was taken by Dave Collier.
Corrections are welcome! Kath