BLM Retirees and Friends Contacts

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Contact Us!
Tom Aufenthie, President    taufenthie2002@yahoo.com
Scott Abdon, Vice President     SMAbdon@msn.com
Dana Shuford, Past President     drshuford80@gmail.com
Mark Lawrence, Historian     macalawrences@yahoo.com  
Mel Chase, Secretary-Treasurer     
Kath Collier, Past President, web-beater     talk2write2@wildblue.net

P.O. Box 81, Rickreall, OR  97371-0081
Email address blmretirees@gmail.com NEW!

Jut one of the lighthouses visited during the 2010 tour
Public Lands Foundation
The Public Lands Foundation (www.publicland.org/index.htm) is a critical partner in the BLM Retirees and Friends program.   You may also want to visit the PLF's  "We are remembering BLM" social site at www.pubicland.org/26_rememberingBLM.html.
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Our membership list is not shared, sold, or borrowed.
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Oregon: Rich Whitley (Richard_Whitley2@msn.com) and Dick Prather (pratherr@gmail.com)
Washington: Van Manning (vanbonmanning@comcast.net) and Geoff Middaugh(gbmiddaugh@comcast.net)
For questions related to this website please contact
Kath Collier at Talk2Write2@wildblue.net

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