BLM Retirees and Friends Membership Info

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Who can join

Potential Members can include current employees, former employees, or spouses of deceased employees of the USDI, Bureau of Land Management. Retirees from locations outside of Oregon and Washington may also join. * * *
Our membership list is not shared, sold, or borrowed.
* * *

To join us...

Send your name, phone, email (preferred), or paper mail address to the adddress on the right.

Email address blmretirees@gmail.com NEW!

Membership contributions
may be sent to:

Mel Chase
BLM Retirees and Friends
PO Box 81
Rickreall, Oregon 97372-0081


Members are asked to contribute just $5 a year to cover miscellaneous costs such as postage, mailings, website,  duplication, etc.  Monies may also be used to offset tour costs, deposits, and meal costs.  Contributions/dues are collected, typically, at the spring luncheon. Donations and contributions may also be sent to the addess on the right at any time.


Event notifications are typically sent as electronic mail messages to help keep costs down. If you need notifications sent via paper, please let us know. For additional information contact: blmretirees@gmail.com

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